Anonymous Ballad

by Kathaarsys

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Recorded, mixed & mastered at La Nave de Oseberg & Addax Records Studios by Carlos Ripetta during December 2008 in Buenos Aires (Argentina)


released March 15, 2009




Kathaarsys Pontevedra, Spain

Kathaarsys is an innovative music organization including J.L Montáns (guitar & voice) and M. Barcia (piano & bass)

The band makes their longest tours ever during 2010 and 2011 presenting "Intuition"(2010) and live CD/DVD: "The Concept - Live At Capitol"(2011) wich includes a Book.

In 2012 the exploring spirit continues with Rara Vez including influences from Classical, Flamenco or Acoust
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Track Name: Thoughts About Worthless Things And The Future [8 brief notes in the university square]
Awakens interest and expires clumsily amid grins
A certain poetry peeps through the ignorance of the death rattle
Elusive immensity in the distance
Shouting high plateau in the solitude

The groan is wounded and there is a certain resemblance
Today’s missed stupidity, tomorrow outlined ideas...
The dogged protractedness of the epoch

About an incomplete statistic
Paragraphs of notoriety are written
And fed on scoop

The morality of the ambiguous is reflected
Resemblance of death
So to say, the perfect contradiction of oneself
Track Name: Sadness And Hopelessness [conversations in the lobby]
When I was young, the irony was grasped
Things were so for a reason

And for a reason were those illusions fake
Even today a certain distant resemblance is to be seen
Facing the undaunted corpse of childhood

We’ve made it here for something
that doesn’t reveal the slightest dreamy hint
Track Name: The Advent Of Madness [lucubrations from the nightmare of July 8th]
Keeping it real , the farmer keeps ploughing the same field
There was a day when things made sense
In that very moment, the night recalled an evoking dusk

But it’s not worth too much remembrance
Not now or ever, will it make sense
Now, my dear friend, you are alone
And there’s no way back, and no tales on the road

The advent of madness or the foe’s rejection
Track Name: No Guide [22:30 (end of the day): solitude and weariness and... solitude after all]
Hollow words
What were you expecting?
You now have the gift of mediocrity
Rotten clock of immensurable lost hours
Track Name: Darkness [last tests, conclusion and the obscurity at the end of the tunnel]
The jadedness of an epoch
The sorrow of the wounded fisherman
The darkness
For a moment you feel creative
And you expire…